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Recent updates

Cycling Festival page: A report on this year's Festival added.
Events page: Updated to November.
Campaigns page: Our LDP submission showing potential cycle routes added as a map.
Infrastructure page: A technical note about the Blackpill crossings added.
Newsletters & Notes page: Autumn Newsletter and notes of 26 September Wheelrights meeting added.


A current priority for Wheelrights, which will run well into 2017, is to identify preferred cycle routes in the County for inclusion on the Council's Integrated Network Map (INM) which they are required to produce by September 2017. This is covered in our Autumn Newsletter. Some of them are the routes shown on the map on the Infrastructure page, which also includes detailed reports on selected routes. Our LDP submission on the Campaigns page marks these and other routes on a map.

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We campaign for improved facilities for cyclists in the Swansea Bay area. We help get people on bikes by, eg, providing beginners' classes; we also provide information about rides and other matters of interest to cyclists and their supporters. We are an umbrella organisation, separate from the CTC and Sustrans and other cycling groups, but whose activities we seek to both support and complement.

Autumn on Swansea foreshore.

Autumn on Swansea foreshore.

A bit about the navigation buttons:

About us states our aims, provides, a potted history and how we can be contacted.
Links gives some useful websites, provides links to local organisations and cycle shops.
Events provides information about rides and meetings monthly in chronological order, followed by details of the providers. One feature is an A4 monthly summary of local CTC rides (downloadable as a pdf.).
Beginners provides information of use to beginners.
Cycling Festival provides details of the Gower Cycling Festival which is organised by Wheelrights.
Rides and Commutes provides descriptions of rides mostly in the Swansea area but also further afield. It also provides advice for new commuters, naming "mentors" and describing commuter routes in Swansea.
Campaigns describes our campaigning activities.
Infrastructure covers what is happening, what is planned and our aspirations.
Newsletters/Notes provides links to our quarterly newsletters and to the notes of our meetings.
Various is for odds and ends including fault reporting.
Join us. This explains how to join Wheelrights: either by filling out a form and sending a cheque for your annual sub. or doing this electronically.

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