Gower Cycling Festival
(10-18 August 2013)
Interactive registration form.

This form is for advance Festival registration with payment by PayPal or by bank transfer. Registration costs £5 for adults, children under 16 free. It entitles you to unlimited rides during the Festival and discounts for accommodation (Explained on the web page.). If you prefer to pay by cheque please print out and use the paper form and then return to the Festival web page.

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This is to register    adult(s) (*) at £5 and    child(ren). If more than one please add the additional names in the box below. Also it would help us if you listed the rides you hope to join. This does not commit you.

I will pay by PayPal or bank transfer.


On completion your details will be emailed to Wheelrights.

Page updated on 5 February 2013.