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Gower Cycling Festival

18-25 August 2018


To celebrate Geraint Thomas's Tour de France victory it is suggested that you wear something yellow on the rides following the Launch. Up to to you of course but it would make the event more festive.

If you have not yet registered and intend to join one or more rides please do so in advance. We end advance registration and buffet bookings immediately before the Launch. The last opportunity will be between 12.30 and 13.30 on Saturday, 18th, at Blackpill, the Launch location. After this you can register and/or book a buffet at the start of a ride; but note that the buffet price will then be £6, the £5 special advance offer having ended. As we need to provide the caterers with numbers the deadline for buffet bookings is Wednesday, 22nd.

Weather forecast not bad: fine on Saturday, a little rain Sunday morning, and then fine with sunshine later in the week.

This will be the ninth Gower Cycling Festival. This page provides just about all you need to know: specifically details of the 21 'rides' (One of which is not a ride but a party.), how to register and accommodation. Contact one of us (See bottom of page.) if you want to know more.
There will again be camping at the Dunvant RFC. (See "Accommodation" below.) This forms a convenient base as most of the rides start from it. It is also significantly cheaper than the commercial alternatives.
The Festival Registration fee remains at £5 (Children under 16 free.) This entitles you to unlimited rides. It is payable in advance. (See "Registration" below.) Note that this can be done off- or on-line. However if you join just the rides marked [ ] in the programme (See below.) there is no charge.
The following sections cover the Festival in detail. The "Rides" section provides information about them in the form of two downloadable pdfs. This Poster is downloadable, so please feel free to print it and display it wherever.

This Introduction tells you a bit about the Gower, how to get there and also what you need for the cycling.

The rides programme, is a key document which briefly describes the rides. The colours green, blue and red are used to indicate the difficulty of the rides, ranging from gentle (green), through moderate (blue) to relatively challenging (red). These gradings are based on a combination of hilliness and length, thus a 40 mile flat ride may be blue and a 30 mile hilly ride red.
The evening 'ride' on the Friday (No. 19) is not a ride but a social evening at the Dunvant RFC. The remaining 21 rides are all led.
The ride descriptions should be read in conjunction with the Route map. This map is approximately to scale but, to avoid clutter, it shows little other than the routes. The colours correspond to those used for their titles; the start/finish points are also shown.
You are advised to bring your own map if you want to follow the routes on the ground. Suitable maps are OS 1:50,000 Sheet 159: Swansea & Gower (or the more detailed OS 1:25,000 Sheet 164: Gower) or to cover the longer rides which go beyond the Gower Peninsular Sustrans 1:100,000 Discover series: Celtic Trail, West and East – that is if you can still get these. An alternative is the 1:110,000 "Regional cycle maps" series which replace them. (These are available from Sustrans shop. Maps 12, 13 and 14 more than cover the area.)

To register either: print, complete and send the paper registration form with your cheque to the address provided, or if you prefer to pay by banker's order follow the on-line instructions. (NB There is currently a problem with PayPal, so please do not attempt this option. Sorry about that.) Note that you will need to accept the advice spelt out on page 2 of the Introduction.

Route descriptions
For those who prefer to do their own thing some of the Festival rides are included in the ride descriptions at the bottom of the Rides & Commutes page of this website.

Accommodation possibilities are as follows. Note that because it is August early booking is recommended. The first option is at our Dunvant base referred to above.
Dunvant RFC: Provision for camper vans and tents with electricity, washing and showering facilities. To book either let us know your requirements in the 'Enter rides' box on the on-line booking form or email David (See below). We need to know the nights you'll be camping, whether in tent or campervan and whether or not you require an electric connection. The charges are £8 per unit/night without electricity or £10 with an electric connection. These include use of a small kitchen in which you can do your own cooking. Please pay at the campsite where there will be arrangements for collecting money (cash or cheque). Wheelrights are not handling these payments so please do not pay for the camping when you register. The campsite address is: Dunvant RFC, Killay, Swansea SA2 7RU. This map shows you where it is.
Caravans (Gowerton): This Caravan Club site is on NCR 4 four miles from the Dunvant RFC.
Camping (Nicholaston): Nicholaston Farm. Location: South Gower, 8 miles from the Dunvant RFC.
Camping (Penmaen): Three Cliffs Bay campsite. Location: South Gower, 7 miles from the Dunvant RFC.
Camper vans, bunk house accom. and other (Parkmill): The Gower Heritage Centre have space for camper vans, a bunkhouse and additional self-catering accom. Location: South Gower, 6 miles from the Dunvant RFC.
Self catering flat: Ridgeways can accomodate one or two. Location: Three Crosses, 2 miles from the Dunvant RFC. (Some of the rides pass close by.)
Self catering Cottage: Pilton House can accomodate up to four, welcome cyclists and offer a discount for Festival visitors. Location: Newton, above Mumbles; 7 miles from the Dunvant RFC. (But some of the rides pass close by.)
For possibilities elsewhere have a look at Where to stay in Swansea/Mumbles/Gower.

Previous year's Festivals
These provide pictures and some other information about the previous Festivals.
2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
2012, 2011 & 2010

For more information contact David Naylor (Phone: 01792 233755 or e-mail him.) or Nick Guy (Phone 01792 476178).

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