Gower Cycling Festival (10-18 August 2013)

Some pictures
There were 25 rides, most were well attended. These pictures illustrate a few of them. The ride numbers relate to the rides programme. This report provides facts, figures and feedback, and makes recommendations for the next Festival.

Day 1: Saturday 10 Aug.
It was a fine day. The launch took place at Blackpill. David Judd (Wheelrights President) introduced councillor Nick Davies, John Grimshaw (Founder of Sustrans and the National Cycle Network) and Byron Davies AM (Shadow Minister of Transport) who all said a few words before launching the Festival.

Byron Davies launches the Festival Crossing the Parkmill ford
The picture on the left shows Byron Davies (red T shirt) and Nick Davies cutting the tape. John Grimshaw is the tall gentleman. That on the right shows Ride 2 participants cycling through the Park Mill ford (contrary to the leader's advice).
Ride 2 at Parc-le-Breos burial chamber.
Ride 2 participants take a rest at the Parc-le-Breos burial chamber.

Day 2: Sunday 11 Aug.
This was a superb day with the sun showing the Gower at its best. The next three photos were taken on Ride 6: the Grand Gower Circuit; the fourth on Ride 4 to Arthur's Stone. (They enjoyed the free-wheel after visiting the stone.)

Rhossili Bay.
Rhossili Bay.
Crossing Broughton Bay.
Crossing Broughton Bay.
Mumbles Apple.
They serve ice cream at the Mumbles Apple.
Freewheel down Cefn Bryn.
Ride 4: the freewheel down Cefn Bryn.

Day 3: Monday 12 Aug.
Another fine day. The picture shows the Afon Tawe bridge on NCR 43 just south of Clydach. This one time railway bridge was renovated as part of the Clydach Sustrans Connect2 work. It was opened in 2012. The colours reflect the different ores mined in this area.

The Afon Tawe Bridge.
Ride 7 cross the bridge on their way to Pontardawe.

Days 5 (Wednesday 14 Aug.) and 6 (Thursday 15 Aug.)
It rained on the Wednesday and the Henrhyd Falls riders got rather wet (and not just from the waterfall!). It also did the next day on the Penclacwydd ride, but not all the time.

Henrhyd Falls (Ride 13)
Ride 13 by the Falls.
Alf + family on tandem.
Alf plus family en route for Penclacwydd.

Days 7 (Friday 16 Aug.) and 8 (Saturday 17 Aug.)
Friday was fine for the Swiss Valley ride, as was Saturday morning for the Three Cliffs ride/walk, but the afternoon was very wet.

Sheep on Swiss Valley ride (18)
The Swiss Valley riders wait patiently.
Crossing the Three Cliffs Bay stepping stones.
Crossing Three Cliffs Bay.

Day 9: Sunday 12 Aug.
A fine day for the CTC/GCF ride to Castell Carreg Cennen. The picture shows them ascending a particularly gruelling hill in the "South Wales Alps".

In the hills near Castell Carreg Cennen.
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