Gower Cycling Festival (12-19 August 2017)

Some pictures
These pictures illustrate a few of the 21 rides. The ride numbers relate to the rides programme. This report provides stats and other information about the Festival.

Day 1: Saturday 12 Aug.

It was a fine and mostly sunny day. The launch took place at Blackpill.

Mark Child opens Festival. Dr Bike.
Cllr Mark Child launches the Festival. Dr Bike (aka Ian Williams) in action.
Giants grave.
Ride 2 participants at the Parc-le-Breos Neolithic Burial Chamber

Day 2: Sunday 13 Aug.

Lovely sunny day. The pictures below feature the ride/walk (4), King Arthur´s Stone (Ride 5) and Henrhyd Falls (Ride 6).

A ride leaves the Dunvant RFC.
A ride leaves the Dunvant RFC.
Ride 4: Crossing Parkmill ford. Stepping stones 3 Cliffs valley.
Crossing the Parkmill Ford. (Not advised!) Three Cliffs Bay stepping stones.
Ride 5: King Arthur´s Stone. Henrhyd Falls.
King Arthur´s Stone. You can even walk under Henrhyd Falls!
Roadside flowers.
Roadside flowers like this relieved the heavy traffic.

Day 3: Monday 14 Aug.

Overcast with some light rain. This didn´t stop the rides but the numbers were down. The following picture was taken on Ride 7 where we were given a fascinating insight into the making of salt-glazed ware at the Bridge Pottery, Cheriton.

Bridge Pottery.
The Bridge pottery furnace.

Day 4: Tuesday 15 Aug.

A lovely sunny day. The Rides today were BikeAbility (Ride 10) and the Grand Gower Circuit (Ride 11). The pictures below were taken on the latter. At one point there were 30 on this ride half of whom cycled across Broughton Bay and two had a swim. About half cycled across Broughton Bay.

Coffee stop Gower Heritage Centre.
We stop for coffee at the Gower Heritage Centre.
Cycling across Broughton Bay.
Some got so carried away they cycled past the exit point!.

Day 5: Wednesday 16 Aug.

Fine with some sun. Two relatively gentle rides today with the party in the evening.

The picture below was on Ride 13 on their way up the Swansea Valley.

NCR 43.
By the Swansea Canal on NCR 43 between Clydach and Pontardawe.

Day 6: Thursday 17 Aug.

Fine but cloudy. The Bont and Wildfowl ride (15) divided into a family ride from Kingsbridge to Pontarddulais and a longer ride to the Penclacwydd Wildfowl Centre returning over the Bynea Bridge, pictured first. The second pic. was somewhere on the Castle Carreg Cennen ride (16).

Crossing Bynea Bridge. On Castle Carreg Cennen ride.

Day 7: Friday 17 Aug.

A strong west wind with heavy showers. The leader of the Campus to Campus (Ride 17) skillfully found shelter from the worst of them. The four children managed magnificently. The two pictures below were taken on this ride.

Lucy stoking the tag-along. Bendy kids; Bay Campus stop.
Lucy (Age 5.) stoking the tag-along.Bendy kids at Bay Campus lunch stop.

Day 8: Saturday 19 Aug.

Fine for our last day, if lacking in sunshine. No rides were cancelled on this Festival. The pictures below feature two of today´s three.

Estuary Wide riders visit graveyard.
The Estuary Wide (Ride 21) riders visited this hidden N. Gower graveyard..
City Heights ride
The City Height (Ride 22) riders earned this view.