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NCN Signing
Partly due to pressure from Sustrans to improve the signing on the NCN in Swansea County and also because this was on the agenda of both Wheelrights and the Council the local Sustrans Rangers carried out a signing audit in the autumn of 2010. Its main purpose was to identify locations for fingerpost destination signs which in most cases will replace the Sustrans stick-on signs.
The audit was presented in three reports which include recommendations. Drafts as follows (pdf files) were prepared in October 2010.
NCN 4: Loughor Bridge to Blackpill;
NCN 4: Blackpill to County E. boundary;
NCN 43: Swansea to Clydach.
In the latter part of 2011 these two draft reports were revised to cover just the signing as follows.
NCN 4: signing - Loughor Bridge to Blackpill;
NCN 4: signing - Blackpill to County E. boundary;

Amazon Roundabout
The danger to cyclists using NCN 4 to pass this roundabout, especially to the east bound, featured on this page soon after it was opened in the Spring of 2008. Wheelrights then prepared a one page report (April 2008 report) to draw attention to this danger. This was sent to Neath Port Talbot County Council with the request that appropriate action be taken. Nothing was done.
Early in the summer of 2009 Wheelrights received e-mails from cyclists expressing concern about the junction. This prompted us to raise the matter again with NPT. The response was not satisfactory: apparently not a problem because the design had had three safety audits. We then (July 2009) produced our one page safety assessment. It is similar to the April 2008 one but goes into greater detail about the nature of the danger, not only around the junction but also at the entrance to the Shell filling station forecourt immediately to the east.
In due course warning markings were added on the path surface at the approach to the crossings. Also an alternative route to the NW which avoided three of the five junctions was added. But because it is longer it appears to be little used.

John Grimshaw and others. John Grimshaw's Seminar
In 2009 Mr Grimshaw, Sustrans founder and President, came to Swansea twice: first for two days in April for meetings with Wheelrights and Swansea Council and then on 19 October to give a Seminar to Council Officers.
John Grimshaw's visit is an account of the first visit. The photo, taken on 29 April 2009, shows a group of us from Wheelrights outside the Civic Centre. John Grimshaw is on the right. On that day we were interviewed by the Evening Post and an article appeared the next day. To view this click Evening Post article.
Grimshaw Seminar provides a 9 page (5 MB pdf file) summary of his Seminar.

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