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This page contains odds and ends which don't fit on the other pages.

Cycling in Wales
This report has been received in response to a recent (late 2019 or early 2020) request from Wheelrights Chair to Mike Hedges AM. It provides some statistics and sources of information about cycling in Wales, in particular relating to the Active Travel act.

Results of Wheelrights Questionnaire
Click here for an analysis of Wheelrights December 2019 Questionnaire.

How the Dutch did it
Cycling for Everyone is a 7 minute video which describes how the Dutch achieved the modal shift from car to bike in the latter part of last century.

How it might be
The provision for cyclists is so much better in Continental Europe than in the UK that we need to look at how they do it both to get ideas and obtain a vision of how it might be here. This report by CTC's Steve Kinsella on good practice in the Netherlands: Netherlands report shows how they do it there.

Fault reporting
To report potholes, rubbish on paths, overgrowth, etc. Phone: 0800 132081 or e-mail: highways@swansea.gov.uk.

R & D section
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Page updated on 12 February 2020.