Mayals Road videos

In late summer 2021, as the work on Mayals Road neared completion, an incident occurred on the lower shared use path when a lady, cycling down the path, went over the bonnet of a car emerging from Mumbles Bay Court retirement home. Fortunately she was not bady hurt. This incident has revived concerns about the safety of this SUP and this has prompted Wheelrights to press again for the provision of a link from near the top of the SUP, via Roman Court to the existing Toucan crossing at Blackpill. Wheelrights member, Bill Gannon, has made the following two videos. This first video takes you from the Blackpill Toucan to a point at the south end of Roman Court where a cut needs to be made to link it to the road which leads to Clyne Gardens. This second video takes you the rest of the way to Mayals Road. And now that you've got to Mayals Road you can cycle down it! You can see that you are not holding up traffic (nor - believe it or not - exceeding the speed limit).

New cycle routes in Swansea

Following Swansea Council's success since 2018 in obtaining several million pounds from the Welsh Gov. to construct cycle routes in Swansea Wheelrights Routes Group are keeping an eye on them. This map provides an overview. More detail is provided on the four maps: SW Swansea, NW Swansea, SE Swansea and NE Swansea. If printed A3 size they are at a scale of approx. 1:33,000. Colours distinguish between completed routes (green; dark red for the NCN), those currently on the pipeline, ie under construction or planned, (amber) and potential routes (blue). Red is used to show routes which require improvement. Following the ATNM (Active Travel Network Map) consultation in late 2021 the potential (blue) routes have been updated to represent the routes Wheelrights think should be on the map.

Rural Routes (on Gower Peninsula)

On 12 March 2022 a Gower Routes Workshop was held as a follow up to the 1 May 2018 Rural Routes Workshop. These notes record it, and this map updates that produced after the earlier workshop. It shows aspirational cycle routes on the Peninsula.

Swansea Bay cycle routes

A key map to cycle routes in Swansea and also a journey finder can be found on this 'Bayways' website.
Over the years Wheelrights Routes Group have prepared reports on prospective cycle routes. Links to these follow. Some earlier ones are provided on our Infrastructure archives page.
Bay Campus.
This audit was prepared following reports of near-misses by Baldwins Bridge. It proposes measures to make the route safer.
Cross Valley. (Morriston to Gorseinon part.)
Cycle infrastructure has been provided on part of this section since Wheelrights prepared this report in 2015. However the report continues to apply to the parts not yet constructed.
Gower Access Path (GAP)
This brief report summarises key points relating to the cross-section and layout of the proposed new path across Clyne Common. It has been prepared by a member of the GAP working group and is intended to assist Swansea Council provide a suitable path. This feedback was received during a public consultation on 1 July 2019.
NCR 4 Loughor Bridge to Gowerton.
Wheelrights lobbying to get the northern shared use path across Loughor Bridge widened and its eastern approach improved have at last borne fruit. This work was carried out early in 2020. Prior to this Swansea Council commissioned this 63 page 'Options' report. It includes recommendations for the above work (now complete) and also options for improving NCR 4 from Culfor road to Gowerton. This short summary covers the report's recommendations.
Mayals Road. (Link to Blackpill Toucan.)
This proposal to provide a link from Mayals Road to the Toucan crossing at Blackpill updates the 20 July 2020 version to take into account the work that has been done on Mayals Road.
Railway Station links
This report. proposes options for making the infrastructure in the vicinity of the Railway Station more cycle/pedestrian friendly. It was produced at the request of cllr Nick Davies at a CAP meeting.
Tirpenry. (A proposed new route.)
Click here. for the report.
Walter Road.
This brief report concerning plans to make Walter Road cycle friendly is based on a site visit on 16 October 2018.

Minor Works.

This Minor Works document lists and gives details of outstanding cycle infrastructure issues. They are mainly small and are needed to bring the routes up to Active Travel Act standards and make them safe. Detail is provided in the reports above.

Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs)

Wheelrights have offered to assist the Council by suggesting locations for ASLs. This drawing shows those proposed so far. If you can add to this please email David your suggestion. The drawing will be updated from time to time, and be vetted by the Council prior to implementation.

Models to follow

There are two videos here which show how serious traffic congestion can be eased to the benefit of all. The first is about the transformation of the Cheshire Village of Poynton and the second about New York. There are lessons here for Swansea, in particular the Kingsway.


Older material is stored on this Archives page.