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Gower Cycling Festival

8-15 August 2015

The dates for the 2015 Festival (above) have now been fixed and the programme is in course of preparation. This web page should be updated to incorporate it and enable registration early in the New Year. So far we have arranged for camping at the Dunvant rfc, which will make this a convenient base. Also we are making some changes to the programme to make it more family friendly but at the same time retain most of the rides as they have been so popular.

Here are some pictures to illustrate the 2014 Festival. This report provides statistics and recommendations for 2015.

This Feedback form is for you to fill in if you wish to and have not already done so.

Route descriptions
The following are detailed route descriptions of four of the rides. They provide a good coverage of the Gower Peninsula which you may find useful if you want to revisit the area on a bike. They are each one page pdf files. Click the descriptions to download those you want.
Mumbles and Three Cliffs. This is essentially Ride 2 in reverse but with an extension to Three Cliffs added.
King Arthur's Stone. This is Ride 4 cycled anti-clockwise.
A Gower Traverse. This is Ride 21.
North Gower Circuit. This is part of Ride 12.

Previous year's Festivals
These provide pictures and some other information about the previous Festivals.
2013 Gower Cycling Festival.
2012 Gower Cycling Festival.
2011 Gower Cycling Festival.
2010 Gower Cycling Festival.

For more information contact David Naylor (Phone: 01792 233755, e-mail davidjohnnaylor@sky.com) or Nick Guy (Phone 01792 476178).

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Page updated on 11 November 2014.