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Unless noted otherwise the events should be free. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on rides.
Links to local cycling groups and to the rides they offer are given on our Links page.

October 2020
Wednesday 7 October: Wheelrights Routes Group meeting/ride. Postponed from 3 Oct. due to weather.
10.00 am; Ripple's café. (On foreshore at West Cross.)

November 2020
Saturday 14 November: Wheelrights Routes Group meeting/ride. Posptponed from 7 Nov. due to lockdown.
10.00 am; Ripple's café. (On foreshore at West Cross.)
Monday 9 November: Wheelrights AGM.
6.00 pm. This will be a virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams. At 7.00pm a live You Tube Panel discussion titled Transport Equality will take place. John Sayce, Deputy Transport Minister Lee Waters and others are on the Panel. To join visit this link.

As noted on the About us page the events which Wheelrights provide, promotional rides and evening meetings.
Several evening meetings a year are held for our members. (Watch this page.) Talks are given at some. These meetings are open (and free). Detailed planning is done in our Campaigns and Routes sub-groups. Members who feel they can help are encouraged to join one of these groups.
Sustrans main role is to create such important things as the National Cycle Network and Safe Routes to Schools. Currently their focus is on upgrading the NCN and encouraging cycle commuting. These aims are shared by Wheelrights. We hope also to help Sustrans - as we have in previous years - by manning stalls or supporting other activities organised by them.
Cycling UK
They changed their name from "CTC" to "Cycling UK" in the spring of 2016. On 1 January 2008 the local CTC group ceased to be a District Association and became the Swansea and West Wales CTC Member Group. (This group decided in 2016 to retain "CTC" in their name.) The old sections disappeared so that the rides which used to be the responsibility of the sections are now coordinated by the one group. They take place on Sundays, Wednesdays and often on another day as well. Most are at a moderate pace between 30 and 50 miles and are graded 1-5. Most are in the range 2-3 with Grade 1 indicating an easy ride suitable for the less fit or inexperienced cyclist. Wheelrights provide Grade 1 rides by means of our Cappuccino rides.
Cycling UK are active nationally in campaigning across the UK for better cycle provision. For information about the local rides visit the CTC Swansea page on CUK's website.
Other events gleaned from wherever are included on this page.

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Page updated on 20 October 2020.