This page contains odds and ends which don't fit on the other pages.

A cyclist's wordle

This cyclist's wordle is the same as the normal one except that the hidden word is cycling related, albeit sometimes tenuously, and that it doesnt get changed daily, but just when our webmaster gets round to it; he'll try to do that weekly. Have a go!

Fault reporting

Faults can be reported to Swansea Council by phoning them on 01792 843330 or in the following ways:

R & D section


is a mock up for a website (comprising just a single page) which would serve as a 'gateway' to Wheelrights website. It is suggested that the background picture be replaced by a video featuring, eg, a smiling family with children cycling towards the camera. This Dutch website provides a model.

A basic test for htm.

A basic test for php.

Tests for various php piles for members page.