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Notes of Wheelrights meetings

The meetings are held now and then. They are generally open to all, not just Wheelrights members. Notes of previous meetings can be viewed/downloaded as a .pdf file by clicking the entry below.
Wheelrights general meetings
2018   18feb12   18agm
2019   19jun13   19jul18   19sep24   19agm
2020   20jan25   20feb22   20agm
2021   21jan26   21feb10   21may18   21agm
2022   22feb08   22may31   22oct12   22agm
2023   23apr26   23sep13   23agm
2024   24apr10

Wheelrights Routes Group meetings

2018   18jan06   18apr07   18may01   18aug04   18oct06   18nov03
2019a  19jan05   19feb02   19mar04   19apr06   19may11   19jun08
2019b  19jul06   19aug03   19sep07   19oct05   19dec07
2020a  20jan10   20feb01   20mar07   20apr18   20aug01   20aug22
2020b  20sep03   20sep12   20oct07   20nov14   20dec12
2021a  21jan09   21mar06   21apr10   21jun12   21jul10   21sep11
2021b  21oct09   21nov13   21dec11
2022a  22jan22   22mar12   22apr09   22may14   22jun04   22jul09
2022b  22aug13   22sep10   22oct08   22oct14   22nov12   22dec10
2023   23mar18   23apr29   23jun03   23jul08   23aug05   23nov13
2024   24jan08   24feb19   24apr13   24may11   24jun15

Wheelrights Committee meetings. (No meetings 2020-2021.)

2018   18sep08
2019   19jul10
2022   22feb12   22jul04   22oct03
2023   23apr24   23jul07   23oct09
2024   24jan15   24apr23

Gower Cycling Festival meetings (Only meetings of last Festival recorded here.)

2018   18jan11   18feb22   18apr28   18jul07   18aug02   18sep27   18oct24

Notes of Swansea Council (CAP) and (ATS) meetings.

The meetings are normally held quarterly.

Cycle Access Progress (CAP) meetings (2018-2021)

2018   18apr18   18jul26   18oct16
2019   19jan28   19apr16   19jul17   19oct24
2020   20may05   20sep15   20dec08
2021   21feb25   21may18

Active Travel Stakeholder (ATS) meetings (from 2022)

2022   22jul14   22sep28   22nov30
2023   23mar08   23jun21   23sep20