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Our annual subscription is £5.00, renewable on 1 January. For new members joining after 30 June the £5.00 lasts until the end of the following year.

There are three ways (5 actually as 3 below contain 3 options.) of renewing your sub. or joining Wheelrights:
  1. Pay our Treasurer, Chris Walsh, providing him with your name (incl. title and forename), email & surface mail addresses and phone number.
  2. Print out this Paper form, complete it and send it with a cheque to Chris at the address given.
  3. Bank transfer, PayPal or set up a standing order. Complete and do what it says on this Interactive form. (Note: it is slighlty more for PayPal payments so that we receive £5.00.)

Note: If using 3 we prefer you to pay either by bank transfer or by setting up a standing order. The latter has the obvious advantage that you can forget about the payment and we don't have to bother you each year.

To renew your sub. either pay Chris at the turn of the year or use methods 2 or 3. You do not need to repeat your contact details if they have not changed.

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Page updated on 27 January 2018.