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The Cappuccino rides restart on 4 May. See the Rides/Commutes page for information about them and the Events page for when.

For your entertainment there is now a cyclists version of wordle on the Various page.*

The link to the Highway Code on the Links page has now been updated to relate to the new (January 2022) code.

The GCF page has been replaced by a Special Events page. There you will find reports of Wheelrights events. It kicks off with two accounts of the 12 December Christmas ride, with a Welsh translation of the second one. The record of the nine Gower Cycling Festivals is retained.

The Spring Newsletter (#59) is now on the Newsletters/Notes page. The editor would be pleased to receive correspondence or articles for the Summer issue by mid May.

Clicking these thumbnails will give you an impression of Wheelrights rides. They feature our Cappuccino rides. These should restart in the late spring.
Cappuccino 21jul. collage 1. Cappuccino 21jul. collage 2. Cappuccino 21jul. collage3.

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We campaign for improved facilities for cyclists in the Swansea Bay area. We help get people on bikes by, eg, by providing easy rides for near beginners or returning cyclists; we also provide information about rides and other matters of interest to cyclists and their supporters. We are an umbrella organisation, separate from Cycling UK, Sustrans and other cycling groups, but whose activities we seek to both support and complement.

The following sequence of pictures illustrate what Wheelrights is about. To view the next one click the image.*

Gower Daffodils. Neath Canal Cappuccino ride. Parallel crossing near Loughor Bridge. A sensible barrier near Pontardawe. A not-so-sensible barrier, Swansea Enterprize Zone. Blocked shared use path on Gors Ave., Swansea Blind corner cycle provision, Konstanz, Germany. Continuity across minor junction, Germany. Bikes on front of a European bus. Gower Cycling Festival family ride.

If you have comments on this website please pass them to me, David Naylor, phone: 01792 233755, or email: david@davidjnaylor.plus.com.

A bit about the navigation buttons:
About us states our aims, provides, a potted history and how we can be contacted.
Links gives some useful websites, provides links to local organisations and cycle shops.
Events provides information about rides and meetings monthly in chronological order, followed by details of the providers.
Beginners provides information of use to beginners.
Specials. This is a Wheelrights special events page with reports on past events including the nine Gower Cycling Festivals between 2010 and 2018.
Rides and Commutes provides descriptions of rides mostly in the Swansea area but also further afield. It also provides advice for new commuters, naming "mentors" and describing commuter routes in Swansea.
Campaigns describes our campaigning activities.
Infrastructure covers what is happening, what is planned and our aspirations.
Newsletters/Notes provides links to our quarterly newsletters and to the notes of our meetings.
Various is for odds and ends including fault reporting.
Join us. This explains how to join Wheelrights: either by filling out a form and sending a cheque for your annual sub. or doing this electronically.

If you have comments on this website please pass them to me, David Naylor, phone: 01792 233755, or email: david@davidjnaylor.plus.com.