This page is about our current campaigning. Earlier campaigning is covered on this archive page.

Foreshore path petition

Sign this petition to support our request to the Council to improve the Foreshore path by providing lighting between Blackpill and Sketty Lane (as has been done further south) and clear the sand more frequently.

Wales Transport Strategy (Llwybr Newydd)

This link takes you to the Consultation and related documents for the new Wales Transport Strategy. Click here for Wheelrights response.

Future Active Travel routes

Local authorities will later this year (2021) be producing an "Active Travel Network Map" (ATNM). This will replace the INM and ERM. The Welsh Gov. carried out a consultation this spring in which Wheelrights took part. The results are shown on their Commonplace maps. Scroll down to find Swansea. (It is near the bottom.)

Active Travel Guidance

The 2014 "Active Travel Act Design Guidance" has been superseded by this 2021 version. (Note that "Design" has been omitted from the title as it now covers more than just design.) Wheelrights submitted this consultation on the draft in February 2020.

Bikes on Trains

The Welsh Assembly Cross Party Active Travel Group is seeking to get better provision for the transport of bikes on trains. This involves drawing on good practice, especially European, and providing space for more bikes. This report, which relates principally to TfW trains, covers the deliberations of the group at their 17 September 2019 meeting and these photos illustrate good European practice (and some not so good local provision).

Response to WG's low CO2 report

This report is Wheelrights response to a Welsh Gov. consultation paper on achieving Carbon emission targets.

Fabian Way Corridor: consultation

Wheelrights took up the invitation to respond to these plans. Click here for Wheelrights response, submitted in January 2016.