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This page is for those who want to get on a bike or are returning to one.

Adult Beginners Classes
For many years we had held classes for adult beginners monthly during the summer in a Civic Centre car park. Most had learnt to ride from scratch in a single two hour session. For various reasons we have had to discontinue these. However similar instruction is now provided by BikeAbility (Wales). This takes place at their base at the Dunvant RFC. Phone Mike Cherry on 07584 044284 or 07968 109145 for the options. These may be limited to one to one classes for individuals; however if a group can be put together a cheaper group class (Similar to the old Wheelrights classes.) can be arranged. If this interests you please email Alice. Dates and times are given on the Events page. The classes start on 29 March.

For general advice on getting started you should find this Bike-safety-guide helpful. It is not just about cycling safely.

If you can now ride a bike and are thinking about commuting on one, our Rides and Commutes page lists mentors whom you can contact for advice. It also describes a variety of local rides including commutes from outlying districts to the centre of Swansea.

Cycle Training and Skills
Cycle training to National Cycle Standards Levels 1 and 2 are provided by BikeAbility (Wales) at Dunvant Rugby Club. Also cycling games, competitions, basic cycle maintenance and cycling skills training for new riders and children. £5 per person. The charges for cycle training are £10 for Level 1 and £20 for Level 2. Booking is necessary. For info about them phone 07584 044284, 07968 109145 or email Mike Cherry. See the Events page for times and dates.

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Page updated on 5 October 2018.